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Born in Northamptonshire, I am a London and East Midlands based film and commercial content Director.

From a young age I have been enamored with film, my family having introduced me to a plethora of classic films such as Spirited away and the Wizard of OZ. 

In 2020 I graduated from the university of Winchester with a degree in Film studies and productions.

Despite graduating during the onset of the 2020 pandemic I have since directed several short films and also worked on a variety of high end film and TV sets. These productions were for companies such as Netflix, Warner Brothers, Apple and Miramax and I have worked for directors such as Robert Zemeckis (Back to the future and Forrest Gump) and Andy Muschietti (It and the Flash).  

I aim to make films that are highly emotionally resonant, cinematically rich and character driven. It is my constant aim to push film as an art form by focusing on films that draw upon the greater cinematic canon whilst combining them with cutting edge techniques and technologies.

Whilst my background mainly consists of narrative shorts I am also hoping to work on commercial projects and documentaries.

My favorite films include Blue Velvet, Sonatine, Phantom Thread, After Hours, Lost Highway, A matter of life and death, Crash (1996), Hud, Titane, Cure, Porco Rosso, the Long goodbye, Chungking express, After sun, Tampopo, A brighter summer's day and Deep cover.

For contact | 07889 401074


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